We have more than 37 year experience with Soda Ash.

  • Supervision of loading/ discharging operations
  • Hold inspections
  • Checking previous cargoes prior to loading.
  • Warehouse inspections
  • Draft surveys
  • Taking samples
  • Sending samples to independent laboratories
  • Issuing hold cleanliness guidelines.
  • Issuing recommendations for Soda Ash shipments.
  • Issuing recommended Survey Procedures for discharge of Soda Ash.
  • Issuing recommended Survey Procedures for loading of Soda Ash.
  • Issuing Proceedings for Surveyors before-, during- and after a loading / discharging.
  • Issuing Sample Plan.
  • Investigating damaged and/or refused cargoes.
  • Checking samples on the spot for for­eign matters by using a 20-mesh screen.
  • Checking samples on the spot on impurities by dissolving in water.
  • Attending during the entire loading / discharge operations.
  • A detailed survey- and photo report is standard for each nomination.

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